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Trust over time.


Acceptance and trust are keys.


Kathleen is a soulful writer. Her book God's Heart: My Home reflects that perfectly. Many beautiful nuggets to reflect on especially for busy women in today's harried society. Peaceful and refreshing.

Imagine your home as God see it. In this warm, poignant book, Miller compares each room to a fact in God's character. Allow yourself to be immersed in God's love as you walk through your home and His. A swift read, this is a book you will return to and find new dimensions, as your life changes. On the second or third read it can be used as a meditation journal. Highly recommended for women enduring the fast pace of today's world.

In this book, [God's Heart: My Home] Kathleen deals with such a relevant topic in today's economy. Many people have been forced to move due to job change or home foreclosure. This book is a needed encouragement and reminder that God's heart is our home. Kathleen shares spiritual insight drawn from her own journey of faith. She leads the reader on how to draw near to God. You will be comforted to learn that the Lord knows your longings and wants you to be at home with Him in a very personal way.

God has given many of us wonderful homes and families. Still we often find ourselves searching for something missing--feeling like we've missed the mark of truly making the home we want. In God's Heart: My Home, Kathleen reminds us how to truly be at home. Anything but making His heart our home misses that mark and will always leave us searching. How beautifully Kathleen steers us back on course!

God's Heart My home is a delightful reminder of what is truly important. It speaks out loud what many of us are saying in our hearts. It is refreshing and encouraging. This little book made me stop and ponder the truth of what my heart was really saying (ouch) and urged me back to the simplicity of trusting Him. Every woman should read this book in one setting. It will reset your heart's compass toward the place that is truly our home, His heart. Thank you for writing this amazing little book.

Dog Devotions is brilliant! Each day's discovery will cause you to fall in love with a dog named Elsa. Simple truths, powerful revelation. This would make a great gift for the person who has everything!


See the talents and skills within you.

Be free of fear.

Kathleen Rose Miller knows what makes text inviting to read, as well as comprehensible. She recognizes the power of the dual coding system we use to make meaning in our minds. She applies these skills as a writer and publisher. 

Dr. Miller earned a PhD and an MA in Reading Education. She earned an BA in Elementary Education and an MA in Teaching English as a Second Language. Whether writing, studying, or teaching, words and images are nearby.