Chocolate Chip Cookies

Mother, did you like the book I read? It was about making cookies. Do you know how many times we made cookies? We made cookies so many times. I think I was addicted to brown sugar.

It seemed that sometimes when I felt lonely or sad, I would want to make cookies together. We did that a lot.

We would make cookies. We would sit at the kitchen table and talk. We would lick the bowl. We would eat quite a few before we even baked them. I liked the dough.

I also like this book because it is just verbs. I love verbs. Verbs are the heart of a sentence. They are the doing part. You taught me to be a doer. You were a doer. You were always doing something. Working, doing. You didn’t just sit very often.

Sometimes that is okay. Maybe we should have sat a little bit more. But we were busy doing. We had active verbs in our lives.

I want to thank you, Mother. I want to thank you for teaching me how to bake and cook.

I did get a job in a restaurant, though some of the techniques that I learned were appalling to you. You coped with it all right though. You just walked out of the kitchen. You had taught me to clean up my mess, and I did. Then everything was okay.

Thank you, Mother, for teaching me, for being with me, for being my mother. And for all the cookies that we made and ate together.