Do you like your hat, Mother? You have blue, and purple, and green, and yellow, and orange, and red on your hat.

I just have red and white. You always told me to coordinate. So, I had to wear the red and white hat to match this clown suit I am wearing. It goes together, don’t you think?

I always wanted to please you. You know that. Maybe sometimes I shouldn’t have.

Did you like the story? I picked this story because it is one of my favorites.

I thought about how you liked celebrations. We always had a celebration when it was our birthday. Even on Valentine’s Day we celebrated. I remember your Valentine’s Day parties.

And we always had cakes. You made wonderful cakes. You made our favorite cakes on our birthdays. I still think of cakes when I want to celebrate.

I thought about my younger brother. He seemed to have a little Elmer in him. You liked that. He made you laugh. He brought out the Elmer in you. Not everyone saw that, but sometimes you would play jokes on someone. I remember you really liked April Fool’s Day. Now who would have guessed?

You had a funny streak in you. We made some fun memories, Mother. I want to thank you for that. Thank you for the celebrations. Thank you for the good times. Thank you for appreciating the Elmer that is in all of us. Thank you, Mother.