God's Heart: My Home


Imagine visiting the home of God.

Envision God talking to you.

How would He act?

What would you say?

How would He respond?

Read and experience what another woman did on a most recent visit.


I walked up the steps. Rang the bell. He greeted me. Not a butler. Not the maid. God. He welcomed me with open arms. "Oh, you are finally here! I have been waiting.: We entered the vestibule....

He waited, as He always had. Never pushing. to asking questions. I wondered how long I would be able to stay. "You will stay the night, won't you?" I wanted to, and yet what would that mean?...

It had been easier saying "Good morning, God," when He wasn't there....

God's Heart: My Home is a little book with big ideas. It allows readers to overhear conversations with God. Invitation, acceptance, and trust are keys to entering the heart of God.


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