Hymns for the Heart


Do you know someone who has left

home or lived in another culture?


Do you know someone who has had

to leave home or relocate?


Someone whose heart may have

struggled with differences in culture,

language, or circumstances?


Stories in Hymns for the Heart Away from Home harmonize God’s guidance, restoration, and comfort as inscribed in the 23rd Psalm.


Hymns for the Heart Away from Home is an inspirational book. The author relates stories that show how stanzas from hymns resound past bars of time. These true events strum across the strings of culture and time.

Hymns for the Heart Away from Home can be used as devotional book, a text for a Sunday school class, a women’s book study, or a discussion group. It can also provide readings for the 40 days of Lent. It is a gift book of stories.

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Kathleen Rose is an artist, writer, and educator who continues to hear the words of hymns she sang as a child. In her writings, she uses humor to bridge the diversity of cultures.

Through her travels and being away from home, she has come to understand that home is a sanctuary for the heart, not a location. The Good Shepherd leads us there.