Reading to My Mother


Do you know someone who needs

your time and memories?

Do you know someone who is

no longer as you remember?


Someone who appears in the

last chapter of life?


Have you wondered how to turn

visits into treasured memories?


In the not so distant past, one woman, supposedly grown, realized she had more growing to do.

She could choose to welcome an opportunity or pretend it didn’t exist.

The woman reached out to one who needed what she could give.


A woman reads children's picture books to her mother in a nursing home and relate memories shared with her mother.

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Kathleen Rose encourages others to value relationships. She understands how hard it is for family and friends who have loved ones enduring the debilitating symptoms of disease or aging.

Kathleen Rose has been an advocate of reading for over 35 years. She has seen how reading and sharing memories nurtures relationships.