The Cyrus Anointing for Today


Would you like God to guide you?

Do you wish God would hold your hand?

Could you use some help moving

beyond the resistance you feel?


Do you need strength to

accomplish your purpose?


Each of us has a choice.

We can choose to be the person our heavenly Father created us to be, or we can make excuses to not fulfill our purpose.

Daily we decide.


We each have a unique purpose in life, yet we need resources and the enabling of God to help us.

The Cyrus Anointing for Today explains the anointing God gave King Cyrus and how to apply it to our lives.

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Kathleen Rose has continued her studies through courses, classes, and independent study. The discipline, motivation, and persistence she learned from her parents.

The need to ask God to help her and to trust has developed through the years. She continues to pray for the Cyrus anointing to be enabled in her life.