The Crayon Box that Talked

Mother, did you like that story? Did you like The Crayon Box that Talked?

I wore your favorite color today. I wore blue. You liked everything blue. I think your favorite shade of blue was a little lighter, but this is blue.

I remember getting brand new boxes of crayons as we were growing up. I remember coloring and spending hours and hours coloring.

When I was younger, I would stay within the lines. You even showed me how to take a darker color and outline the line. Then I grew older, and I didn’t want to stay within the lines. I wanted to create my own lines. My own pictures. Using my own ideas of how things should be colored. It may have been that creative spirit.

I like this book because it points out that many times when people are different, they don’t like each other, and they don’t even know why. And yet when the Master takes all of us together and uses us to create a picture with all of our giftings and abilities, it is beautiful. And it is complete. It is better than if we were each by ourselves and alone with our own color.

I also thought about how we see things through our own lenses. Of course, some people have a rosy view of things. Then there are green lenses. I always like to think of trying to help people grow. I like growing things. Growing plants. Remember all the roses I planted and grew? And then yellow. Some people see through yellow lenses. Then there are purple lenses. I guess that is supposed to be cool. I never felt too cool. I always wanted to be cool.

When you get to heaven there are going to be people who are a lot different from the way you were. And I just believe that you are going to get built-in lenses and be able to see their abilities and giftings. See them and appreciate them. See how God sees them and how we are all part of the complete picture.

You will see so well then. I don’t know if there will be books to read. Maybe we won’t need to read. We will just know.

It’s going to be a great place, Mother. It’s going to be a beautiful place. The picture will then be complete, and we will all be a part of it.

Thanks for appreciating me, Mother, and the colors I added to the picture, even though they were different from those you added.