The Lord is My Shepherd

Do you like your lei? It’s pretty fun, isn’t it? Someday we are going to be in a place where there are lots of beautiful flowers, beautiful things. It is going to be a perfect place.

Did you enjoy me reading The Lord is My Shepherd? You taught me that the Lord is our shepherd.

I remember the summer after third grade when I went to vacation Bible school at that little white church in the country. I remember one morning you were driving down the gravel road. We saw a turtle that was crossing the road, and we stopped and took the turtle with us to Bible school.

Isn’t it amazing what we remember!

I also remember that year I learned the 23rd Psalm. I didn’t realize then how much the verses would mean to me later. That the Lord is my shepherd. I know you believed he was your Shepherd. He still is your Shepherd.

One of these days, Mother, we are going to lie down in green pastures. I’m going to see you running across meadows. I’m sure there will be a river nearby. Maybe we can put our feet in the cool water. It’s going to be a beautiful place.

I want you to know, Mother, you don’t need to fear. You don’t need to fear any shadow of death or evil. You don’t need to fear anything, because the Lord is our shepherd. He will always be with you.

Someday we are going to sit at a banquet table. It is going to be even more wonderful than the family dinners you used to prepare. There probably will be many different choices of food, though that is not what I am really looking forward to. I think it will be the people who are there and the jubilation of the event.

I will look for you there, Mother. It will be a wonderful, wonderful feast, I'm sure.

But I want you to know, Mother, that the Lord is always with you. You will not be alone. Nor will I. He will always be our good shepherd.

You heard that, didn’t you? The Lord is our shepherd. We will not want. You can rest, Mother. You can rest in his green pastures.